Ruby Tuesday - Raspberries

I prefer the red raspberries than the black variety, why not, if not for them I have no post for today! :D On a side note, if all the berries are presented to me, I cannot identify them well. Which color does your favorite berry has? Mine is blue!

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Yummy Sunday - Carbonara

Another simple recipe from hubby, he certainly has a knack for good food presentation than I do. He cooked this carbonara from (almost) the same recipe I used here, only he substituted mushrooms and lots of extrawurst and parsley.

Taking a break from cooking, I think ebay-ing at the kitchen!

Have a happy week!


To the Land of Smiles

(Red curry shrimps)

I have many times stressed how hubby loves spicy foods and for this I've been trying to learn new recipes that includes curry and all those chillis. This is also why there are two trips to South East Asia that I wanted to do (aside from going home), just to know/experience the different authentic curry foods from, one to Japan and another to Thailand.

Between the two, I'd be glad to explore more of Thailand's different colored-curries. Their famous sticky rice has also piqued my curiosity, I sometimes imagine myself munching the mango served with it while relaxing by the beach :D

Chicken Curry (yellow)
Perhaps a 1 week holiday in thailand is worth spending for next summer. The kids would surely enjoy the swimming pools in Phuket villas and the beach as much as they did in Italy. But it would be better this time since the villas have air-conditioning.


Yaay! Looking at these beach houses in Central Thailand makes me want to experience firsthand the stories of friends who've been there...I've seen their photos as well and there surely are lots of smiles in Thailand!

Three things I'd do when I get there: to take photos of the wonderful sights, relax under the blue skies and eat to my heart's content!


Food Friday - A slab of grilled Tuna

Tuna is not as popular as salmon is in our household. Admittedly, I do not have a good recipe in mind and even google has not presented one that I found appealing.

Whenever I get ahold of tuna steaks, I marinate them in lemon-toyo (lemon juice and soya sauce mix), grilled and then served with some veggies...Unfortunately, the marinade doesn't sink in enough to taste. I would make another mix of lemon-toyo, drizzled on the steak or as a dip.

Do you have a good tuna recipe? Please let me know. :-)

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Yummy Sunday - Grilled selection

On my plate: salmon filets, zucchini, shrimps, grilled and served with teriyaki sauce. There's a new buffet restaurant that opened near our place, Buffet King. It boasts of a lot of fresh seafood selections which will be cooked for you and the price? Only 5,80euros per head, kids 4euros, and my little boy, free!

I'd be posting a full review soon. Happy Sunday!


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Kitchen Gadgets

Welcome to the Maus' Kitchen! This is how the kitchen looks when I am not devastating it, lol.

Among the many things in the kitchen, I find this thong can use it to grip, flip, mix and serve food. Not just for hotdogs, deep fried chicken, grilled pork barbecue, boiled corncobs, you can even use it for stirring....also serving pasta. Just make sure, it gets cleaned in between! =)

Baking won't be complete without this digital weighing scale...I am admittedly not good with baking, so to follow recipes with precision is a must! This gadget helps me a lot!

brownies ingredients

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Yummy Sunday - Palabok

One of the many variations Filipinos cook noodles include Pancit Palabok, rice vermicelli or bihon with a yellow-orange sauce and loads of garnishing...which in tagalog means 'palabok.' The yellow-orange sauce comes from combining water, cornstrach, fish sauce, garlic, annato (atsuete) and other cooks include crab paste.

The garnish seemed a little odd for those who haven't acquired the taste, different from the usual fare of vegetables served by asian counterparts with rice vermicelli. Palabok garnishings (sorry, redundant) would be squid rings, shrimp, flaked tinapa (smoked fish), pounded and powdered pork chicharon (deep fried pork skin), roasted garlic, springs onions and hard boiled eggs.

I cooked this dish today because a friend said she was having it too. Being away from home, I have forgotten how it actually tastes...=D

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Food Friday - Chocolate Friday!

I know, you love them too!


Ruby Tuesday - What's on the red tissue?

What do you think? ;-)

One of my favorite past time foods, anything chocolate coated...this one is chocolate-coated banana slices on stick! I love fruits, whether fresh or dried coated in chocolate...

Do you like chocolate fondue? Then let's have some!

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Food Friday - Arroz caldo

(TitaT, TitaCes, I've been seeing this kind of watermark from you, try ko lang.)

Arroz caldo, literally rice soup/broth, is a rice dish in ginger-flavored chicken broth. The texture almost resembles Chinese congee or Japanese okayu.

Arroz caldo is an easy Filipino comfort food. I remember mom used to cook this 'always' when I get sick because it is easier to swallow, the rice softened in the process of cooking.

Here is a recipe I followed, but sorry I forgot where I took it.

• 4 chicken thighs or drumsticks
• 2 cups of sticky rice (uncooked)
• 1 qt of chicken stock
• 2 knobs of ginger (peeled, chopped 1/4 inches)
• 4 cloves of garlic (chopped roughly)
• 1 onion or 2 shallots
• green onions
• 2 tablespoons patis (fish sauce)
• salt and pepper


1. In a big pot, add some oil, and brown the chicken. Season with salt and pepper.
2. When you flip over the chicken, add the chopped onion or shallots and sauté until the other side of the chicken browns.
3. Add garlic, give a quick toss and add uncooked rice.
4. Mix rice and add fish sauce then throw in ginger. Mix and add chicken stock.
5. Cover and bring to a simmer.
6. Bring heat to medium and continue to stir. Making sure rice doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot.
7. Continue to check the tenderness of the rice. If mixture is getting too thick, add lukewarm water.
8. When rice is cooked just right, serve with chicken in a bowl and garnish with green onions/deep fried shallots and garlic.


Ruby Tuesday - Chilli

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The chili pepper, chilli pepper, or chili, is the fruit of the plants from the genus Capsicum, which are members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. Even though chilis may be thought of as a vegetable, their culinary usage is generally as a spice, the part of the plant that is usually harvested is the fruit, and botany considers the plant a berry shrub.

The name, which is spelled chili, chile, or chilli, comes from Nahuatl chīlli via the Spanish word chile. The term chili in most of the world refers exclusively to the smaller, hot types of Capsicum. The mild larger types are called bell pepper in the United States, Canada (and sometimes the United Kingdom), sweet pepper in Britain and Ireland, capsicum in Pakistan India and Australasia, and paprika in many European and African countries. Bell peppers are often named simply by their colour (e.g. green or red pepper).

Chili peppers and their various cultivars originate in the Americas; they are now grown around the world because they are widely used as spices or vegetables in cuisine, and as medicine.



Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Silog

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Filipinos have a (genius) knack for shortening phrases by picking out syllables from the words thus resulting in an all new term that comprises everyday 'Pinoy' vocabulary. A good example of this is SILOG, which is derived from SInangag (Fried Rice) and itLOG (egg). The filipino table during breakfast is not a feast of light meals but like lunch and dinner, rice is a present everyday treat.

Normally SILOG would be the last and second to the last syllables of this breakfast combo. Take BaconSiLog. ´Bacon-Sinangag-Itlog, this is hubby's favorite, forget the calories as I serve this only on Sundays, except for today (Saturday) to use for the La.Pi.S. theme. =D

SILOGs are best served with coffee or chocolate.For more silog combination, visit Ces' page.


Food Friday - Kung Fu Panda Sundae

(a stock photo)

Weeks after the successful release of Kung Fu Panda, it remained a hit among kids that merchandise of toys (as well as food) was a good option to boost sales. McDonalds did just that.

The kids did enjoy Po's Sundae plate (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and smarties) with a satisfied smile.


Ruby Tuesday - Strawberries

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"Strawberry" comes from the Old English word "streawberige." When I was a kid, I get to enjoy them only when someone comes back from Baguio, the city where strawberries grow abundantly because of the low temperature in the mountains. Most of the time, we'll only have bottled strawberry jam.

Now, my kids get to enjoy strawberries all year-round. Plain as this, with chocolate coating, or with banana and fine sugar.

A cup of strawberry (144 grams) contains approximately 45 calories (a 15 minute run on the treadmill and its gone) but strawberry is also listed as a negative calorie food, which means by eating a cup you lose 45 calories more. No need to run the mill. ;-)


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Green!

Today's theme is Green.

What I could think of for the theme are fruits or veggies, desserts such as buko pandan or green gelatine would be nice too. Unfortunately I have never done buko pandan or gelatine so this is what I found in my archives, taken early this year, when we didn't know yet that my daughter has kiwi allergy. :-D


Most green fruits are good sources of Vitamin C...and more. The kiwifruit is an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C - a medium sized fruit has 74 mg, but a kiwifruit that has been coolstored for a while has a vitamin C content of 57 mgs.

Cantaloupes, on the other hand, are fat and cholesterol free, contains very low sodium. Are high in vitamins A and C and also a good source of folate.


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Food Friday - Donut

There's no branch of dunkin donuts in this area (boring!) nor a chain specializing on donuts. I only buy them at the bakery or grocery shops. I have very limited choices too, sugar-raised, chocolate coated, sometimes, one that is filled with cream, but not boston cream like Dunkin Donuts. The more popular krapfen would have vanilla or jam filling (apricot, peach, blueberry).

There is one bakeshop where I buy this chocolate-dunked donuts, Nöbauer is a 15 minute bus-ride from home so whenever I get the chance to visit I buy a dozen...coz the kids love this with its softness and not so sweet coating.


Panna Cotta?

Back in highschool, our Math teacher Ms Garcia (who happens to be my bestfriend's mom,) serves us a very rich creamy dessert. It was like a special treat whenever we, her daughter's friends and classmates, would invade their place.

My bestfriend gave me a recipe for the dessert, which we just called Cathedral (different from Cathedral windows) it was a combination of nestle all-purpose cream, condensed milk and gelatine. We or I never really bothered to know what its called...Well, this is actually how it would look like:

So lately I have been seeing reviews about the Italian dessert, Panna cotta. According to wikipedia, Panna cotta is an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatine, and letting it cool until set. An Italian phrase which literally means "cooked cream", it generally refers to a creamy, set dessert from the Northern Italian region of Piedmont.

I got really curious because of the description's similarity in my way of cooking Ms. Garcia's recipe. Then, while at the confectioner's section of the grocery last week, I noticed a Panna Cotta box I got two and tried it yesterday. Just to make sure if this is the same dessert back home.

The recipe calls for 200 grams whipped cream, 300ml milk and the mix (which I think is sugar and gelatine).

In a pot, heat up milk and cream while mixing slowly.

Pour in the mixture and stir well. Let the mixture boil still mixing continously for 2 minutes.

Remove from heat.

Transfer the mixture into a container or ramekin. I prefer this tupperware jel-mold though.
Let it cool and then refrigerate.

The kids were helping me prepare this dessert yesterday so they were eager to try it too, especially older son, who loves baking and everything in the kitchen.

They were excited seeing this star on the bottom lol...I remember though, Ms Garcia would put colored gelatine over or cut up jelly ace (those we buy in packs which comes in different flavors! Yum!)

After just one bite, I could therefore conclude (lol), that panna cotta is definitely what we had back in highschool, only we werent quite sure of what its called. Also, the texture was a little different, this one was rather creamier, I did not use an electric mixer so it didn't turn out how I was expecting it.

Some parts though did have the texture and appearance of Ms Garcia's recipe like below. I guess I'd stick to the original recipe after all.


Food Friday - Salmon Lasagna

Salmon Lasagna

My boys and I went out yesterday and they ganged me up to eat at Nordsee, their favorite fastfood resto.

I ordered the Salmon Lasagna, why not, its salmon! Layers of lasagne, salmon bits, ricotta, spinach in fraiche. First bite was 'wow' this is really good..but would be too much later on. I wasn't able to finish my portion actually, if they serve it in smaller portions, that was ok too.

The boys had their usual kiddy meal of fish sticks and fries, a drink plus a toy.


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