Food Friday - Pizza: Underwater?

Pizza provenciale, thin-crust and tasty! This was what we had when we went swimming at the Wiener Stadthalle a few days back, yes swimming in the middle of winter.

The indoor pool of the Stadthalle is open whole-year through with a few holiday exceptions. The arena includes the indoor pool, an ice skating rink and different-sized concert halls. It is located at the 15th district, a few minutes walk from the U6 trainline station Burggasse.

The kids and I often visit the hall for ice skating during winter, this was the first time we went swimming there, an it wasn't even summertime. It was all good anyway since the water is of course, warm.

The restaurant was closed then and we were told that the one near the Sauna area is opened so we went down and to my surprise, the restaurant was built with an underwater view of the pool.

The pizza took a little more time to cook than we expected but it was worth the wait. Cooked in traditional oven, the edges got a little toasted crunch to hubby's delight.

We had salami, diavolo and provenciale, I'd say thumbs up for the salami and diavolo but not as much for the provinciale...or maybe its just that I tried it the least.

Embarassing at is may, I wasn't able to take much photos of the food because we all dug in and took bites of the pizza like an angry mob---swimming does make you tired.

Some more photos.

Little boy enjoying the water...he has no fear whatsoever.

Underwater view.

Clean water, adult's pool.


Ruby Tuesday - Raspberries

I prefer the red raspberries than the black variety, why not, if not for them I have no post for today! :D On a side note, if all the berries are presented to me, I cannot identify them well. Which color does your favorite berry has? Mine is blue!

Join this meme:


Yummy Sunday - Carbonara

Another simple recipe from hubby, he certainly has a knack for good food presentation than I do. He cooked this carbonara from (almost) the same recipe I used here, only he substituted mushrooms and lots of extrawurst and parsley.

Taking a break from cooking, I think ebay-ing at the kitchen!

Have a happy week!


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