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Welcome to the Maus' Kitchen! This is how the kitchen looks when I am not devastating it, lol.

Among the many things in the kitchen, I find this thong can use it to grip, flip, mix and serve food. Not just for hotdogs, deep fried chicken, grilled pork barbecue, boiled corncobs, you can even use it for stirring....also serving pasta. Just make sure, it gets cleaned in between! =)

Baking won't be complete without this digital weighing scale...I am admittedly not good with baking, so to follow recipes with precision is a must! This gadget helps me a lot!

brownies ingredients

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Yummy Sunday - Palabok

One of the many variations Filipinos cook noodles include Pancit Palabok, rice vermicelli or bihon with a yellow-orange sauce and loads of garnishing...which in tagalog means 'palabok.' The yellow-orange sauce comes from combining water, cornstrach, fish sauce, garlic, annato (atsuete) and other cooks include crab paste.

The garnish seemed a little odd for those who haven't acquired the taste, different from the usual fare of vegetables served by asian counterparts with rice vermicelli. Palabok garnishings (sorry, redundant) would be squid rings, shrimp, flaked tinapa (smoked fish), pounded and powdered pork chicharon (deep fried pork skin), roasted garlic, springs onions and hard boiled eggs.

I cooked this dish today because a friend said she was having it too. Being away from home, I have forgotten how it actually tastes...=D

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