Mamarazzi is back!


No, I'm not gone nor hibernating. I've been busy over my city daily photo blog and all I could actually write here are about diet pill comparison reviews, kitchen gadgets and facial masks. :D I am also back to my former career, a stagemom. It has been sometime now that I haven't done photoshoots with the kids. (I send their photos to parenting magazines.) I also receive occasional invitations for castings but I've never been to any yet. The schedule always coincides with schooldays.

Above photo is for articles that has to do with eating healthy, vitamin c, fruits and vegetables and so on. Since my kids love veggies and fruits, it's easy asking them to pose with them and enjoy the shoot in the process; the photos ended up natural and homey.

For now I am posting raw veggies...I still am waiting until I have the lust again to cook and shoot decent meals. :)


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