Pasta from where IT originally is

We arrived at around 2pm somewhere in Lignano, Italy on Saturday...the trip was almost 8 hours coming from Vienna. But thanks to the bus driver, he took us directly to the villa where we are staying instead of the agency where we need to get the keys first.

Tired from travelling, we sought the nearest restaurant open at that time...since it was siesta hour most of them were closed.
Il Dollaro was the nearest one we saw and was I glad too that it was as the food tastes good, the ambiance friendly, and the staff were eloquent both in German and English, they were a big help too...(in helping us find our supposed destination).

We took turns giving our orders, the kids chose pizza while all 5 adults (mil, bil and his wife, hubby and I) went for pasta.
While waiting for our orders I took the opp for photoshooting hehe. (Also smelling the aroma of olive oil and all those good stuff! lol)

We sat at the veranda and the breeze added comfort to the smell of good cooking...

Then came food, served in hefty portions...My little boy was running around and I had to follow him so I didnt have much time to really choose what to eat, but when I saw this particular dish I know I would love it!

Tagliatelle e Salmone

Of course, bits of salmon - fresh from italian waters served with white sauce over tagliatelle. They serve parmesan generously so I had my pasta sprinkled with lots of it! (Little boy liked it well too!)

Spaghetti Pomodoro

MiL had a simple dish and she simply said "hmmmm...good" which I do not take much as an A-rating considering her very good cooking skills...the parmesan was actually given to her ;-) and she also had lots of it over her tomato sauced spaghetti.


Hubby, my helpful but could be critical food critic chose Carbonara, at first bite he said "Tikman mo, masarap!" I did and I knew what he meant, the taste of authentic carbonara from butter, egg yolks and pork fat and no cream!

Pizza Prosciutto

Prosciutto (ham) is one of the kids' favorite pizza topping, so my two bigger kids shared a whole (it was also a big serving). Still, they weren't able to finish it that hubby and I had a little slice too...and yum, one bite and I can tell the crust is really something! I could eat it even without the toppings! lol. No wonder he had such a big smile after eating!

So where to get the best pasta and pizza? Of course I'd suggest, where they originally are from, anywhere in Italy...


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