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Pottery is perhaps one of the oldest forms of art known to man. Whether cooking pots or designer jars or a simple art clay kiln, someone is bound to collect them sooner or later. Maybe you've heard about AMACO (American Art Clay Company), they provide pottery supplies educational kits, and craft programs for all interested. They have professional teachers, framers, potters, craft designers, and a neighborhood pottery studio where one can practice arts and crafts and eventually hone skills.

Amaco kilns have been known ever since its inception. In 1919, they made the first American modeling clay but didn't stop there. Through the years the company has provided patrons with all kinds of services realting to ceramic pottery kilns, lead free glazes and underglazes, ceramic, self-hardening and air dry clays, Brent Potter wheels and equipments, mold making and sculpture, glass products and even the first adaptable potter’s wheel for the physically challenged. With their motto "From a Colorful Past, Comes an Exciting Future," Amaco has proven that in 90 years, pottery and art never goes out of style.


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