If you frequent this blog and my other blog, you probably know who Kuya O is. If not, let me introduce him again. Kuya O was a highschool senior when I was a freshman, he was the head of the whole school, so to speak, he holds the position of Student Council Chairman. He was also the editor of our school paper to which I submitted my earliest articles as an aspiring writer. :) Mostly about school events that we had actually. We never met personally in highschool but I know his name, he was that famous. :)

Fastforward to 13 years, I learned that he is in Japan finishing his doctorate degree. He is also working at Osaka University as a researcher. Some time last year he messaged me to let me know that he is coming over for a research program...so came he did, I fetch him from the Vienna international airport and literally burdened him with his own baggage....lol. It doesn't matter that we never talked back when we were in the same school, we chatted like we know each other from our childhood days. The kids and I enjoyed being with him, strolling around the city and eating out during his 2-month stay.

If there is one thing I admire about Kuya O, it is his nonchalant attitude about things. For one, he sipped his ramen soup at the restaurant we dined in as a real Japanese would...The locals were looking, of course, but he just went ahead and finished his bowl. It's not only about food, there are a lot of things too that he is nonchalant about but I won't elaborate much.

Left: Miso Ramen bowl (Kuya O's bowl) - Miso soup bowl with Ramen noodles, spring onions, carrots, red and green paprika and soy sprouts. 

Right: Tofu Itame bowl (my bowl) - Soup bowl with fried tofu cubes, paprika, soy bean sprouts and carrots. Served with rice. 
Akakiko is one of the many Japanese fastfood restaurants in Vienna. It's not exactly my favorite when it comes to Japanese dishes, it just happened that we were near the place that particular Thursday morning. (Kuya O arrived a day earlier). He took me here after he got his allowance from the bank. lol. That branch was at the middle of the city and frequented by tourists. He said the prices are much lower compared to what he usually had in Japan...I bet so since the freshest ingredients for ramen and other seafood of the finest sushi grade is the best there!

A must for pinoys: rice...

My tofu bowl was served real hot, it was good but a bit on the bland side, thanks to the soy sauce and other condiments provided. It was such a huge serving that I only ate half of it. One good thing about it is I am able to take home leftovers. The friendly Filipina server gave it to me in a plastic container at the same time asking us: "Hindi po kayo taga-dito ano?" (You're not from here, right?) Obviously referring to Kuya O sipping his bowl.


this photo courtesy of Akakiko

Akakiko - Easy Japanese Dining
                Singerstrasse 4
              1010 Vienna
Phone: 057 333 140

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