Food Friday - Chicken Pwet!

Yes, those are purely chicken pwet (bishops) fried to perfection and served with vinegar! When I was younger I loathe this part of the chicken, but I learned to love it and would kill to get it when served! =D

This dish is available at DEX 'N MUT Foodhouse at Dona soledad, Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque (arrrggghhh, alt+164 doesnt work here).

They also serve sizzling dishes and breakfast menus.



Happy Food Friday!!!


BULGOGI (marinated grilled beef)

I was chatting with my good friend when she pasted a recipe on our chat window. I was a little confused since we weren't talking about food, she then said it was actually for another friend, but then I thank her since the recipe is Bulgogi, meat that I really like served over rice....

And which I had a few days before at Kyoto Sunrise.

I thought of posting the recipe but since she started her own foodblog, I think we'd see it there. Visit the Weekend Kusinera!


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Rice

Filipinos eat rice at every meal, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a staple food, most pinoys won't go through the day without rice...This could be the reason why Japanese food is very likeable to us, especially when packed in a bite size maki complete with rice, viand and more!

(Son1 with his california maki)

One afternoon, son1 suddenly bursted out, "Mommy, gusto ko sushi!" (Mommy, I want sushi!). This boy is a little picky with food, but he does have an appetite like mine if he likes whats served. Since I had no fresh fish that time, I decided to bring them to our favorite Japanese restaurant that is very near our place, Kyoto Sunrise.

The restaurant is located at the mall where they could also play and which from time to time has fun gimmicks for kids. We can go there via tram, 2 stops or we can also walk (more or less 20 minutes). We also like the restaurant staff, they at first thought of us as Chinese (especially coz little boy greets them 'ni hao') with a little doubt on me since only the kids have chinita/chinito looks. hehe.

Son2 surprisingly liked the appetizer, instead of daikon (radish), they served toge (bean sprouts) with a sour dressing. And he ate 5 pieces of the california maki from his kuya. =D I would love to eat them too as much as he did, the avocado, mayonaise and shrimp goes well with the taste of treated japanese rice and nori....

Daughter ordered lachs sushi (salmon), hers and my favorite! We could it salmon sushi, or just sashimi for a whole day! Theirs are really fresh, I couldn't resist taking a few even if I ordered a bento.

I asked for the Bulgogi bento, it was served with a cup of rice, an appetizer, 2 sushi, 3 maki, and lychees...the beef strips were tender and tasty, I liked the marinade they use for it.
Since hubby was at work, I ordered yakisoba for rice for him...=P
Kyoto Sunrise
Shopping Center Nord
Ignaz Köck Strasse 1. A-1210
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