Ikea revisited

(I'm loving the Iphone 4's camera; such vivid colors)

I can't remember when was the last time I've been to Ikea. I really missed the place. When my kids were much younger we would go there often to buy some klumpert, really needed kitchen utensils or to simply dine at their famous resto for their reasonably priced food.

K├Âttbular (Swedish meatballs) served with potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam (a staple in Scandinavian cuisine) is a family favorite. I'd often cook this at home but have always forgotten were I saved the photos. Now though I don't  really need to cook this dish because Ikea has long ago added a food section where Swedish delicacy, recipes and heat-up meals are sold. They conveniently placed this section just after the packing station.

(Salmon on spinach tagliatelle with red pepper, very soft and yummy muffin and my empty glass)

A friend (Ate M) asked me and another friend (Ate Jo)  to accompany her to Ikea earlier. We went around 3 in the afternoon, all 3 without having eaten lunch. Ate M insisted on paying since she was the one who invited us. ;) She had the K├Âttbular while Ate Jo and I had  Salmon on spinach tagliatelle and sauce with red pepper. Whoever goes wrong with Salmon? It was perfectly cooked to flaking bits with the red pepper accentuating the tender flavors of both the fish and the sauce.

I also got  me a muffin which was very soft and tasty. It has chocolate oozing from the middle and icing with the right amount of sweetness. I filled my glass with lingonberry juice...perfect for my Ruby Tuesday entry! :) Drinks are refillable so I had cola light after finishing this one.

Ate Jo had a slice of Almondy Daim cake (top left), also a Swedish specialty and another family favorite which I forego today. I can anyway buy them from local grocery stores. Ate M had a lighter version with Golden buttercream (below left) instead of Daim chocolate glazed on top.

So do you think I bought a sofa or a clock or anything red you see in this photo? No...I got a set of cutting boards, in bue and red...potato peelers in blue, a red pillow case and tea candles which were all red too...they have the scent of red berries which I really like! ;) Will post that soon...Enjoy the week!




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