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Filipinos have a (genius) knack for shortening phrases by picking out syllables from the words thus resulting in an all new term that comprises everyday 'Pinoy' vocabulary. A good example of this is SILOG, which is derived from SInangag (Fried Rice) and itLOG (egg). The filipino table during breakfast is not a feast of light meals but like lunch and dinner, rice is a present everyday treat.

Normally SILOG would be the last and second to the last syllables of this breakfast combo. Take BaconSiLog. ´Bacon-Sinangag-Itlog, this is hubby's favorite, forget the calories as I serve this only on Sundays, except for today (Saturday) to use for the La.Pi.S. theme. =D

SILOGs are best served with coffee or chocolate.For more silog combination, visit Ces' page.


Food Friday - Kung Fu Panda Sundae

(a stock photo)

Weeks after the successful release of Kung Fu Panda, it remained a hit among kids that merchandise of toys (as well as food) was a good option to boost sales. McDonalds did just that.

The kids did enjoy Po's Sundae plate (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and smarties) with a satisfied smile.


Ruby Tuesday - Strawberries

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"Strawberry" comes from the Old English word "streawberige." When I was a kid, I get to enjoy them only when someone comes back from Baguio, the city where strawberries grow abundantly because of the low temperature in the mountains. Most of the time, we'll only have bottled strawberry jam.

Now, my kids get to enjoy strawberries all year-round. Plain as this, with chocolate coating, or with banana and fine sugar.

A cup of strawberry (144 grams) contains approximately 45 calories (a 15 minute run on the treadmill and its gone) but strawberry is also listed as a negative calorie food, which means by eating a cup you lose 45 calories more. No need to run the mill. ;-)


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Green!

Today's theme is Green.

What I could think of for the theme are fruits or veggies, desserts such as buko pandan or green gelatine would be nice too. Unfortunately I have never done buko pandan or gelatine so this is what I found in my archives, taken early this year, when we didn't know yet that my daughter has kiwi allergy. :-D


Most green fruits are good sources of Vitamin C...and more. The kiwifruit is an exceptionally rich source of vitamin C - a medium sized fruit has 74 mg, but a kiwifruit that has been coolstored for a while has a vitamin C content of 57 mgs.

Cantaloupes, on the other hand, are fat and cholesterol free, contains very low sodium. Are high in vitamins A and C and also a good source of folate.


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