Doughnuts do nuts...

Dunkin donuts - Hubby's favorites!

Hubby has always been a Dunkin donut fanatic...too strong a word but boxes of them at home ever weekend would prove that. Back when there were just us we would munch on them rings. He; Bavarian and I; Butternut! When we left for Vienna, Krispy Kreme was unknown to us (and Mister Donut was never a competition). It is still an unknown chain in this late-about-trends-country.

Krispy Kreme to sweet!
My older brother loves food in general. When he learned that we've never had Krispy Kreme even during those earlier years that we would be home, he generously brought us a box to try. "Too sweet!" was the verdict. We wouldn't trade DD for

Anyway, back in Vienna, there are a very few choices for donuts here and the one we could buy from the nearest Pattiserie costs 1,60€ (2.50$), chocolate glazed with choco bits and not as soft as DD's dough. So what else to do but attempt to make our own? Click here for my recipe.

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Macarons (again)


I finally got the chance to make macarons at home. It is never always a success. I had to try a lot of times and had to experiment from a handful of recipes I gathered. There are a dozen tips and tricks given by those more experienced on perfecting macarons.                                                                                         

Matching up the filling for the macaron shells is somewhat not so easy. There are hundreds of flavors. So for today let me show you two, lemon and cherry-flavored macarons.

As you can see, the lemon-flavored turned out ok while my red/pink developed feet but didn't grow as much. Nevertheless still yummy.

----For recipe, please click here.---



Ikea, haircut and food!

Two weeks ago I accompanied an aunt to buy a cake turner from Ikea. It is inevitable not to buy when one goes to Ikea. There's just so many things that you know will make every corner of your home beautiful. Red attracts me the most. We had one side of our living room walls painted with red so I would match the displays at home with red and white. Imagine my awe with this display of lamps.

I bought some flower, batteries, a pair of bowl and some plates and also seasoning dispensers. Some of them bought from spontaneity but I will surely make use of them well.

At the Ikea food shop, the little boys requested for some below. They surely looks like spaghetti, raw and one as though it has been soaked in tomato sauce. These are candies that resembles gummy bears and the kids did enjoy them 

At home, I made use of the red bowl that I bought from a Japanese store months ago. I made bacon potato soup. Click here for my recipe. :) Pardon the title, I was supposed to write about some haircut too but I think I'll include that on my next post, I'm really sleepy....ZzzZZ



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