Banking on myself

How much am I obsessed with macarons? I think just slightly less than my son. :D If there are three things that I want to do it would be as follows:

-learn Spanish and Japanese intensively and work as a United Nations tourguide
-learn baking and have my own shop to sell my creations
-take the master exams for photographers and register myself as a professional photographer

These are of course, career-wise, I have set goals spiritually, home-related and financially - the most difficult there is. I mean we the other things we can easily learn but there's no surefire way to acquire wealth...unless of course if you are born with it.

I guess my bakeshop dream is doable, I just need to have the means to do so. I read about Personal Equity Institute, a company that examines historical data, apply structure powerful prosperity systems. They give training seminars, books, articles and informational videos to teach the dynamics of accelerated wealth building to individuals, small business owners and professionals too.

I mean, as of now I don't have the resources but if I do I'd definitely want to take control of my financial future. I think Personal Equity Institute will help me and you too - to bank on yourself.


Summer Getaway stay at Puerto Vallarta villas

"I could get used to a view like this." Right, I borrowed that from Flynn, Tangled's lead male character and my newest cartoon obsession. Though in the movie he was standing atop a castle and looking down the vast property - kingdom. I'm contented with this, a view of the beach, cool wind, fresh fruits, and a good book that I can finish in hours.

Where can this be? You might ask. It's at the coasts of Mexico. More particularly one of Puerto Vallarta villas  - accommodations for families and individuals who would want to getaway this summer.Aside from spectacular terrace views, each rentals boast of  bathrooms, full-sized kitchen, heated pool, internet, Plasma TV and other appliances you usually have at home. What's best is Puerto Vallarta villas are located just a few steps to a number of restaurants, shopping and night life.My kind of Summer Getaway, how 'bout you?


Water Heater Installation

Look beyond these two and you'll see our heater...what keeps us warm during the cold months of December until February. These heaters are built in along with the water heater installation when we transferred to this apartment 6 years ago. Unlike the one installed in our other apartment where the water heater can be seen as one enters the door, our now is hidden and I only have known about it when the company in charge of checking them yearly came. 

This is why we've never had problems with repairs and all unlike my brother who is in Canada, they have more colder months than us and the water heaters tend to be used more often too. We were chatting yesterday when he mentioned that he's expecting a new installation. I helped him look for a company near their area and found Friesen's which does not only do installations, they also repair and do regular maintenance just like ours. The company boasts of being the service since 1999 and have often been named "Service Provider of the Year". I told my brother to contact them in case any untoward incident happens again.



School is over --- for now. It means thinking of what to put in the kids' lunch boxes is also over. :)

Since school is only until 12 noon or 1 pm I would put in light snacks but make sure that they've eaten heavy breakfast. They used to go to an after-school institution where they eat lunch, do some homework and play but I opted for them to stay at home when it appeared that they are not eating that much there. They tend to just play.

This is my older son's lunch box - There's a yogurt drink, choco-milk bar, ham sandwich, an orange and cucumber slices. He woule most of the time come home with an empty lunch box and I'm thankful for that. When the time comes I'd gladly fix them bentou too like what I do for their dad.



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