Herbed Halibut (Cafe World inspired!)

herbed halibut -cafe world


So last post was Restaurant City inspired, this time it's from Cafe World! This is a perfect dish for the kids, they love fish. I thought they might not like to have fish for now since  our 4 year-old arowana died 2 weeks ago :( . Markus, a name given by a friend to which the kids agreed, was our long and graceful silver arowana. Anyway, this is not the arowana, lol, this is halibut fillet with lemon and dill.

I do not have exact measurements so heat up the pan, melt  butter, saute garlic then add lemon juice. Add dill then let cool.

Season your halibut with salt and pepper and a bit olive oil. Grill on both sides brushing with the  lemon-dill mixture until firm and beautifully browned.

Served with steamed broccoli, seasoned with some sea salt and grilled pineapple tidbits (I run out of chunks but the bits did the trick as well).

A healthy and simple meal in a few minutes!


Join us!


Missing Papaya :)

Papain, I learned is an enzyme that tenderizes meat. It is also used as a home remedy treatment for jellyfish, bee, yellow jacket (wasps) stings, mosquito bites, and possibly stingray wounds, breaking down the protein toxins in the venom. Growing  up surrounded with papaya trees, it is one of my favorite fruits. I enjoy eating it as is, with milk or sometimes with calamansi juice. I also believe in the other benefits of eating papaya...it makes your skin glow and it aids in digestion...probably because of the enzyme content.

Where I am now, papaya is considered an exotic fruit. They are imported from Brazil and could not be as sweet as they are back home. This is why I sometimes buy canned papayas from the Asia shop or just take in supplements that contain papaya essences (most of the time combined with pineapple essences) and I also take in drinks pureed from papaya. It works how I want it, helps going to the toilet easier and my stomach feels cleaner in some way. It's like a cleansing method too.

(I sometimes feel I've been doing everything to keep my weight on check but I guess it's for the better.  I've read about the lemon cleanse and did that for 2 days, I can't say anything about the effectivity because it was short of the required days one should do. Anyway, I have been reading more about other ways of cleansing, you can click here to learn more about quick trim fast cleanse.)



I always laugh when I check our Outlook inbox and  find those spam emails about size enhancer...you know...stuff like vigrx and those. I know it's too sensitive a topic and I'm not open about it but what is it with manly egos anyway? I guess it's true what they say, men think not with their brain...whoever developed this kind of thing is a real insecure. lol.



When I arrived in  Vienna, I was so clueless at the airport because I don't have even 5 German words in my vocabulary. I'ts a good thing that Vienna's airport is not as big as Charles de Gaulle in Paris. It wasn't as big as a problem finding the exit as there were exit signs to help me find my way...though it was written as Ausgang :D one of the few words I learned first along with Eingang, Danke and Bitte.


Weight loss---again and again

The ad reads click here to lose weight fast! Eager and willing you click on it only to learn that it's just the usual info-website that tries to sell stuff, with random comments from people who have no bloglinks...you realize you've been there just that, the blogname is different....bingo! It's just another website like the acai berry pills....and you wonder why you always get attracted to click on them even if you already knew, it's just a trick...


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