Food Friday - Salmon Lasagna

Salmon Lasagna

My boys and I went out yesterday and they ganged me up to eat at Nordsee, their favorite fastfood resto.

I ordered the Salmon Lasagna, why not, its salmon! Layers of lasagne, salmon bits, ricotta, spinach in fraiche. First bite was 'wow' this is really good..but would be too much later on. I wasn't able to finish my portion actually, if they serve it in smaller portions, that was ok too.

The boys had their usual kiddy meal of fish sticks and fries, a drink plus a toy.


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Two Tone

Laziness has gotten the better of me so I'm late posting for this theme =D

Marble cake, though brown seems to appear in the edges too, the cake usually has two colors, chocolate and white batters swirling in.

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