Homemade Taho


-Silken tofu with tapioca pearls and caramel-

"The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" goes Fanny Ferns's quote. Jokingly, Robert Byrne believes  "Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography." :D The last quote always makes me laugh. Thinking of it it should have been biography instead of geography but the author was  obviously suggesting something else, which I wouldn't want to talk about.

I can attest to the truth of the first quote though. My hubby has a penchant for spicy dishes which I strongly oppose. If I'm the boss in here I would rather not cook anything spicy...So what I'd do is to cook  specially for him, meaning I cook first for the kids or set aside something for them before putting in the chillies. Sometimes I just serve pepper and chillies for the boss to garnish his dish with. He's always thankful. :)

silken tofu

-Unadulterated silken tofu-

I did mention sometime ago that hubby loves Taho (soybean curd) and that one time during our vacation I had to follow the Magtataho 2 blocks from our house just to buy him some (I was below the house and he was upstairs so I had to go lol). Gosh, that Manong walked so fast! I bought 40pesos worth of taho for him that morning and another 40pesos two days after.

Oggi of I can do that! mentioned in that post that she made taho at home which got me excited. I had long planned to make some but the I'll-do-that-tomorrow attitude finally brought me to today. :D I googled and the search page showed two of my favorite foodblogs...Kuya Vanjo's Panlasong Pinoy and Weng's Munchkin Mommy. I was surprised at how easy it seems, and it was! A few minutes later, I had my first homemade taho.

So all you need would be:

silken tofu
cooked tapioca pearls

I cooked the tapioca pearls per package direction, caramelized sugar and heated up the tofu a little in the microwave oven...I topped the tofu afterwards with the first two ingredients and that's it!


After dinner, I served hubby a bowl of taho which he surprisingly refused...so I set it aside and observed. He was so not in the mood and I thought it must be work. Around midnight though he asked where is the taho I made...this time he's calmed down. So I served him the bowl again and he contentedly finished it...we didn't talk afterwards (I fell asleep I guess) In the morning, hearing him asking for taho as breakfast, I thought I did choose the right path...his stomach more than anything else that is ;)


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Back home we were literally running around town and the adjacent city for days on end. Needless to say, running around tires the car too! We were on our way to visit hubby's relatives when the car broke down in the middle of Makati City. Overheating was the problem or was it fluid or water? Anyway, this made the hubby said we need to have a car insurance. We browsed for cheap auto insurance quotes around and got one so we won't be bothered by the expenses on too much repairs. Since we left already, my brother-in-law now gets the benefit...

The car breaking down was anyway a good opp to practice night photography....especially in Makati where the lights shine brightest at night.


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