Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Fried/Golden

Lasang Pinoy, Sunday Edition - Fried/Golden


Fried egg with a golden yolk!
That was how I wanted to interpret this theme then I saw its actually Fried to a Golden Brown so I pulled out fotos from my archives too...
I am really confused about eggs and what good and not so good it contains , so to learn more about eggs please click here.

Homemade Cordon Blue

I don't do much deep frying but this recipe calls for it. So the chicken are deep fried until golden brown. For the recipe please click here.

For more, please visit, Ces' page.


Food Friday - Sweets by McCafe


Manila has them a long time ago, but Vienna didn't...In line with the renovation of most McDonald restaurants, some have added the McCafe stations too, perhaps as part of the expansion programme for this year.

McCafé launched in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 which reflects a desire for traditional European coffee. It has been indicated that McCafé outlets generated 15% more revenue than a regular McDonalds and by 2003 were the largest coffee shop brand in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2007, the chain expanded to Japan as part of McDonald's efforts to boost sales with healthier soup and sandwich offerings and reach out to new audiences who favored traditional coffee shops. Despite being a relatively small part of McDonald's overall strategy, there are currently 1300 McCafés worldwide.


The cheesecake has pleasant texture, a melt-in-your-mouth-slowly kind of thing. I tried this one out of curiosity and because I haven't had a cheesecake for the longest time =D It was ok for me, perhaps I was looking for additional blueberries.

The chocolate cake (below) was recommended by a friend who frequents the Mccafe in Greenbelt...she said its good especially the icing, which is really a thick frosting. Unfortunately, I find the cake itself lacking if taken without the frosting, still a comfort food for those craving for sweets.


The McCafé station at a drive-thru McDonald's in Brunnerstrasse, 21st District.

(please pardon the photos, which were taken with my phone camera)


Kono Mania

Last week, was when I first saw Pizza Cones over at KainPinoy, not knowing that it has been in Vienna since January. According to the chef (who comes from Bangladesh), Kono Mania has been operating at the Millenium foodcourt since January and so he thought it must have been a long time since I visited the place.

Not exactly, in fact I often go there with the kids, I wonder too why I haven't noticed the place...then coming from the 2 entrances of the foodcourt, it is at the farther end of the circle. At the right side of Kono Mania is a running sushi restaurant which the kids and I love...on the left, one would see KFC, Burger King and noodle houses. No wonder the customers seem to settle at the other restaurants before ending up at Kono.

Kono Mania offers various pizza toppings as well as sweet fillings. You can choose from ham, salami, tuna, spinach and ricota except perhaps for pineapples. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the sweet list.

Daughter asked for the Schinken (ham) cone Pizza, we waited for it about 5 minutes more...she was satisfied as well as the little boy who took bites off it and would always say hmmmm...yummy every single chomp! The cheese melted so well and the cone was crispy.

The cone costs 2,70 euros.

Along with their cone pizzas, pasta is also served. I had the Pomodoro e mozarella, served in hefty portion, I barely finished it...the tomato sauce and mozarella combi was really good and blended well with the rightly cooked pasta. This serving costs 5,90 euros.

Son1 had spaghetti bolognese and though I ordered the junior size, he had the same amount as was too much for him to finish. He said its so good and was really happy about it. Son1 asked me to taste it, and I obliged, I tasted carrots along with the meat and rich sauce.

The junior size costs 4,60 euros.

Despite the good food, and cozy little dining area, I still wonder why Kono Mania remains a hole-in-the-wall.

Kono Mania
Millenium City foodcourt
Handelskai 94-96 1200 Vienna


Corned Beef Sinigang

Corned  beef sinigang

I've been seeing this dish for quite sometime now and was eager to try it since the kids love corned beef for breakfasts and sinigang soup (plus kangkong) a lot. I thought the combination would be good and it was, they love it well that they asked for a second serving.

I used Liza's recipe from last week, thanks Liza, I only added chunks of beef because hubby might look for them in the dish =) I unfortunately have kangkong (water spinach) and tomatoes only for veggies since we do not eat eggplant and radish...The recipe is as simple as the sinigang mix package directions just subsitute corned beef for fish/shrimp/pork.


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