Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Bread



Baking is really something I have to work on. If only I have half the enthusiasm of my kids, then this bread would have been perfect. I originally planned to just make the dough into shapes of pandesal but it was too sticky I decided it would be better with a muffin pan, but this is technically bread I assure you, flour and water, salt, fat and yeast with some other common ingredients: milk, egg. Sugar was supposed to be sprinkled on top.



I had planned to bake Krapfen (or Berliner Pfannkuchen), a doughnut like bread with marmelde filling, much like Dunkin Donuts'  boston creme or eclairs...I have once or twice mentioned that there are no dunkin donuts  or any foodshop specializing on donut in this 'hima' city save for a few coffee shops that serves the same kinds of donuts for an unbelievable price of 1,29Euros (1.63$),! There is one bakeshop that sells 'dunked donuts' which is literally  coated with oozing, heavenly chocolate...too bad I need to travel 20+ minutes to be there...


I guess this would have looked better when deep-fried than baked...oh well there's next time! Hope you enjoy the coming week!

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Food Friday - Salmonwrap


Sometime ago I posted about wraps around the world with one of my most favorites missing. Salmon wrap (of course, I'm the salmon freak!) is a mix of smoked salmon fillets, salad and dressing in a wrap especially made by Nordsee. I can't tell what its made of :D. When in a hurry and haven't yet eaten I grab this from the nearest Nordsee and proceed to my destination while taking bites in turns...this is very convenient and fulfilling too! Nordsee also sells tuna wraps but I am too loyal for salmon lol...

Happy Weekend!

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Gefüllte Rote Paprika




I was thrilled to see the orange paprika than the usual green in this tricolor vegetable pack. The kids prefer them raw but would pick them out when in a chopseuy dish and left uneaten.

So tonight I tried baking a paprika filled with sauteed ground beef combined with tomato, spices and mashed potatoes.

This is normally served with a sauce which I do not have a recipe of.  





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