Eye Candy too!

Last week, the sushi/maki lover in me was so ecstatic about california makis wrapped with salmon and sesame seeds I had from a local joint. Browsing online, I saw this california rolls interestingly wrapped with avocado and tuna. These are signature rolls offered on Yama Sushi Bar and Grill Menu in Mission Viejo, CA.

Unbelievably priced as low as 8.50$ each serving, these maki rolls are made exclusively with Japanese cooking aesthetics in mind. I mean, how presentable should your food be? This presentation certainly adds appeal to the foods served, a real eye candy that definitely satisfies the palate too! Other Japanese dishes are offered; noodles, miso soup, rice or a combination of them (bento).

Yama sushi on the lake, named such is strategically located beside a lake, customers enjoy a wonderful view along with great food. Want to hold a banquet? Contact them now and reserve the place for your special use.

Best Sushi Orange County)
27782 Vista Del Lago C-22
Mission Viejo, CA
(949) - 716-YAMA (9262)


Lasang Pinoy Sundays - Eye Candy


I am posting literal candies today. I chose these candies as they are perfect for winter, helps relieve coughs in this cold season! (pardon the partial translation)

White round candies: Traubenzucker (peach flavor)
Yellow candy: orange flavored
White oval candy: eucalyptus flavored

Hustenbonbons oder auch Halsbonbons sind in vielen Fällen hilfreiche Medizin bei Hals- und Rachenproblemen wie Halsschmerzen. Zwar gehören die Bonbons zu der Kategorie Süßware, unterscheiden sie sich jedoch von anderen Bonbons durch ihre Rezeptur.

Hustenbonbons sollen abschwellend und schleimlösend wirken und die Atemwege befreien. Je nach Rezeptur wird auch eine lokale Schmerzbetäubung angestrebt. Dies wird erreicht durch Verwendung ätherischer Öle wie dem des Eukalyptus oder der Minze oder aber durch Zugabe von Menthol. Des Weiteren kommen Extrakte aus anderen Heilkräutern wie zum Beispiel Salbei zum Einsatz.
Coughing drops/candies are in many cases a helpful "medicine" for throat (and neck) problems. They can be considered as sweets, but differs too because of their prescription.

Cough drops help removes swelling and loosens pleghm as well as free the respiratory system (air passage) from any blockage. Depending upon prescription it can also be locally concocted by the use of ethereal oils like that of Eucalyptus or Mint or by addition of Menthol. Some extracts from other herbs could be made into ointment.


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Food Friday - Joghurt

On certain afternoons, the kids and I would enjoy our bonding time eating something. This is one of those 'somethings' we enjoy...Joghurt (or yogurt, yoghurt, yogourt etc), which is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Above photo is orange falvored. We add a little twist by adding what we like most, in this case m&m's while below is blueberry on strawberry flavored yogurt.

Weird? Haha...try it for yourself! :)

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Ruby Tuesday - Buffet King

Red walls of Buffet King, illuminated well on a lovely afternoon.

I was finally able to find the photos for this particular eat-all-you-can restaurant. Buffet restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms in Vienna the past years, most of them are Chinese-owned...if not, I'm 100% sure that the chef is Chinese as well as the crew.

Buffet King opened sometime in October last year, the kids and I have been frequent visitors because they offer Japanese cuisine, Chinese dishes and fresh seafoods, meat, veggies for grilling.

It is also of walking distance from where we live.

The dining hall itself is on the second floor, the first floor serves as a bar and is not as big as upstairs. Garbed with traditional Chinese decor of gold, the red walls surely complements them well.

Mirror by the staircase, I love the details on this particular corner. I don't know but does red have to do anything to make one eat a lot? I believe orange is the color that makes food appetizing? Oh whatever...I feel happy whenever we dine there. Especially if the food you eat is fresh and much more worth than what you paid for.

Buffet lunch costs 5,50euros for adults and 4,40 for kids. Since my kids look small they only ask for 4euros each. From 3pm to 5pm costs less too!

What the kids like best:

Little boy enjoying shrimpcrackers, this restaurant is all worth it for us, because the little boy who eats as much as I do, is free of charge!

Bani Bär Buffer King
Brünner Straße 133
1210 Vienna
+43 1 2929100


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Pot Racks

The other day I wrote about how thankful I was for the oval fish frying pan I found at our nearby shop. However, since this pan is differently shaped, it doesn't fit well with the others.

It would be lovely to get one of those enclume pot rack; designed to be wall mounted, free standing or simply as a kitchen furniture. If you fancy the contemporary look, you could have one of the many on sale hanging potracks that would perfectly fit atop a kitchen Island.

Just looking at this installation, one is assured of the high-quality material used, thick carbon steel and select woods to match.

Enclume potracks, which also offers other accessories for your kitchen, include a 5 year-warranty. Check now which is the best unit to fit your kitchen that would best display your cookwares. They're on sale!


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