Lasang Pinoy Sunday - Soft

For this week's theme, Soft, is something that kids and adults alike truly enjoy. Muffins... or cupcakes?

So what´s the difference between cupcakes and muffins? Cupcakes have frosting, muffins don´t. Cupcakes are eaten as dessert, muffins (not always) as breakfast. Cupcakes are made from cakeflour and muffins from bread. But since I made this with chocolate chips and the kids eat them after a meal, I don´t know where it should fall....

Muffins, so soft!

I am so eager to bake but baking doesn´t want me much so I seldom do, that is, when the little boy in the previous post would not let up until I take out the baking pan, the ingredients and make him help out.

I do not really have a special recipe that´s why I am so glad that there´s Betty Crocker! =D

We like their devil´s foodcake mix but every mix is actually special too. For the muffins, a little water, egg, and oil plus a handful (little boy´s) of chocolate chips will do the trick.

A little patience on the part of the wait till they puff up, taken out of the oven then cooled.

Eating off the chocolates first!



Food Friday - Burger patties

Meet my older son who loves to cook and bake...this photo is almost 2 years ago, he was helping me stir the gravy for the burger patties...I didn't crop out this photo for you to see the chaotic kitchen! lol.

Now that also includes mashed potatoes.

Recipe is here.


Seared Salmon

I have been sleeping for a long time, perhaps removing all the calories of eating so much! lol. Anyway, I am back with a favorite fish of mine (and yours!), Salmon!


Salmon fillets
1 tbsps butter (halved)
2 tsbps. lemon juice
dried basil (optional)

1. Rub fillets with salt and pepper (plus basil if you like).

2. Heat half of the butter, but make sure it isnt brown. Put the fillets and sear for about 5 minutes.

3. Sprinkle top of the fish with lemon juice then flip the fillets over and add the reamaining butter, sear again for another 5 minutes and sprinkle with lemon juice.

4. Remove Salmon fillets from pan and serve with buttered veggies.


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