Kitchen racks

Have you been playing Restaurant City (RC) or Cafe World (CW) at Facebook? I do! I love those two games! CW has mini-games within the game, one of them would be to collect materials and jars for a spice rack! I've successfully completed my rack and been using my spices for enhancements, so to say.

Anyway, I do not have such an elaborate spice rack or a sideboard for my spices in my kitchen. I only have them in a cupboard along with soy sauce and other Filipino flavors and components. I don't even have an enclume pot rack (see photo) which I think is a really neat way to organize pots. Well, I have mine in a big drawer and they look so clattered inside.

Enclume pot racks are a convenient way to organize pots and pans plus it adds elegance to your kitchen. Having something hanging up there gives the feel of 'kitchen expert' in it. Since enclume potracks are made of thick steel, it is recognized as the standard in cookware rack finishes. Enclume cookware racks are meant to last a lifetime and they're on sale!


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