Homemade Pizza

Do you take out, order delivery, buy frozen pizza or do make your own pizza?

Perhaps, we all do the first three at some point because we have always done it that way. What I do often is buy frozen pizzas, margherita to be exact and top it with the kids' favorites...ham and mushroom on one part, salami and then bacon on the other and some pineapples too.

Then there's website showing how to make pizza. That particular video is presented by award-winning chef, Ruth Gresser of Pizzeria Paradiso in Washington D.C.

I was watching one of the videos when my two older kids showed up beside me...aside from cooking and baking, watching cooking tutorials is another hobby we all share. Since the videos were neatly divided into short parts and different methods, we were clicking here and there without sequence. I really like how the chef showed methods and preparation using just her hand and then with kitchen aids and utensils. She explains in between the differences, pros of using each. See the videos for yourself and surely, you'll make pizza by yourself soon!


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