The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb


For some months now I've been getting good deals from It's a website that offers consumers discounted prices for certain products. They are also perfect as gift coupons. I have bought mostly deals for restaurants, skin treatments, hair salon and photo printing. I have yet to buy a fitness deal. :D I hope they offer that soon...

The very first one I used was for Cinnabon's opening at the 22nd district of Vienna. The mall where their new branch opened is just some minutes away from us. I took a special trip there today with the little boy, it's opening day after all. The deal was: I paid 5€ for a 10€ worth of products.



(my actual coupon, gotta love how those rolls look!)


(A not-so-in-the-mood little boy.)



What's left of the strawberry Chillata, a caramel pecanbon and a classic cinnamon roll.


As for the quote, it was so true for me especially today. :D I just can't resist what my tummy is saying even if my mind says no. lol.

Join us!



That there's no path to afast weight loss has been established long ago...or has it been?

Remember Holly Rigby's fit and yummy mummy 28-day trial pack which the hubby didn't approve of since there are videos available on youtube too? :D They've stopped sending me emails so I was thinking maybe all that I paid for was really just that. I really hoped I had looked for torrents while trying to know if the program is a scam...That cost me around 30$ too... :( Anyway click here to learn more about effective weight loss.


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