Drivecare, warranty for used cars!

"We need a car mom!" I often hear this from my kids but I don't see why we need one. Vienna has the most efficient transportation from buses, to trams to trains for local and regional use and even European rails. I have always been comfortable going about the city with the Wiener Linien. I always get to where I should by simply looking at the map provided at the stops, the help offices are very willing to help too.

Whenever we passed by the used cars dealers near our place, the kids would, as if on cue, point one and tell me "Look ma, it's just 4000euros, it's not much!" True, there are cheap Volkswagen used car that one can have for as low as 4000euros or a Ford for 9,800 eurso, but the maintenance and the insurance you'd pay, the changing of tires and all the headaches included makes me forget the idea of owning a car without batting an eyelash. Then Drivetime has launched the DriveCare program warranty for used cars. Including a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on used cars, a first in the industry indeed!

The warranty package is available on all vehicles purchased on or after December 1, 2009. A warranty for 36-months/36,000-miles on major mechanical and other electrical components. In addition to this they are also giving complimentary oil changes, roadside assistance and more.

With such, I think not only me would be having second thoughts but those who are wanting to buy a used car as well. I have, however, already forgotten how to drive, so I think it's up to the hubby to decide on this. ;)

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Home Plans

I have always planned a renovation of my mom's house. I wanted a new and bigger kitchen complete with a stove and baking range. :D I've been scouting on some contractors and I was lead to the house plans and more website. I did not only learn of the many house plan designs available in many styles, I got much better ideas of what would fit my mom's one story house.

The website further have other projects in detail like cabin plans, deck and gazebos, fences, children's playhouses as well as indoor projects like furniture and storage units.

I am impressed how detailed the website is with all the house floor plans, I mean I enjoy playing Simcity because I get to design my own place, but housefloorplans do it for real!

Check out this kitchen layout from their blog and be inspired! I just couldn't resist sending my mom this photo I got from the website.p

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Setting a goal...

My tummy? I wish! I'm one of those who had problems with the tummy. I have many times been enticed by those ads: how to reduce stomach fat. So I just decided to join a belly dancing class! Yesterday was my first and I was glad that we were only 5 in class, it means I do not have to worry embarassing myself in front of a lot of people. :D I did enjoy that hour though the half hour was lost because I wasn't told where the class would be held. The teacher has been teaching for more than ten years so one would see the difference how she does it compared to us but hopefully we'd get better and maybe, just maybe I'd be able to wear something like this too! (seriously...)




I said I'd be coming back to Yili, the prim resto that I visited awhile back that offers soups, wraps, salads and crepes. I went back yesterday along with the little boy. I asked him what he wants to eat and he said he would like the ice cream crepe (the photo probably enticed him). So I ordered one and a bed of salad in balsamic vinegar with coconut shrimps (more like ebi tempura, lol). I also got him a kiddie box with orange juice, chicken and wedges (toys and candies included). I took off a bit to get him a spoon but when I came back he already had a shrimp on his hand...I settled for the salad and we shared the platter of sweet treat...though I had the bigger share haha, talk about ruining a diet.



Millenium City foodcourt
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I think the little boy did enjoy our lunch date, he was playful and genki all the way!


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Growing---bigger not taller!

One time I picked up the little boy from the daycare center, his playmate came to me and said hello. He's a cute little boy with blue round eyes...just when my son started in the day care, he was just a baby. Time really flies fast, I said and the caregiver, the boy's mom are in agreement with that. The mom said how fast was is that her son is so tall now, upon hearing this my little boy said, we all grow, even us parents. The caregiver jokingly said yes, we grew bigger and wider not taller! True, we're not getting any younger nor thinner, this is really depressing it makes me want to believe that there are really diet pills out there that can help me shed off some pounds. Sadly, they turn out to be fads most of the time. I heard maybe you've heard about lipozene, fenterdren or the ever famous bangkok pills but I haven't heard of one that is a surefire way to help ypu reduce weight...*sigh*

Beauty true so true!


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