Spam Sushi

Finally, after a month...first of the diverse Sushi Rice additions...

But before I start, I just wanted to add that sushi rice should be consumed immediately, do not let it stand too long, not more than a day. Good thing it never happened at home because the kids love it despite the smell of vinegar. :-D

To learn forming the mound of sushi rice takes time, it is said that without the aid of a sushi master it won't be perfect, but since we are only cooking sushi at home no one will complain about how it looks. However, you will get used to the molding of rice in your palm and the presentation will get is good to learn it and present your sushi as attractive and colorful as those in a sushi-ya, after all making sushi is also a form of art. (Tip: make your hands moist with water when forming rice).

Now back to the Spam Sushi. I wanted to actually make a musubi (rice treated with salt only), but the meat goes well also with sushi rice so here it is.


Sushi Rice (see here)
Nori (dried seaweed)
cooking oil

How to:

1. Prepare sushi rice as is. Heat oil in a pan. Slice spam thinly and let it cook for about 2 minutes for both sides. Dry up the oil.

2. Form the rice into a mold, this would be bigger than a normal sushi as you need to follow the size of a sliced spam. Place a piece of meat on top and wrap with a piece of nori.

3. As an option, you could also wrap rice and meat in nori like a maki- sushi (sushi roll).

This is how it looks with open sides =) I close it just like how I wrap a gift lol...Well, the rice is sticky enough but it is better to close it whole so they surely won't fall off. Just be patient folding the rice in, the nori gets softer so its easier to fold.


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