To the Land of Smiles

(Red curry shrimps)

I have many times stressed how hubby loves spicy foods and for this I've been trying to learn new recipes that includes curry and all those chillis. This is also why there are two trips to South East Asia that I wanted to do (aside from going home), just to know/experience the different authentic curry foods from, one to Japan and another to Thailand.

Between the two, I'd be glad to explore more of Thailand's different colored-curries. Their famous sticky rice has also piqued my curiosity, I sometimes imagine myself munching the mango served with it while relaxing by the beach :D

Chicken Curry (yellow)
Perhaps a 1 week holiday in thailand is worth spending for next summer. The kids would surely enjoy the swimming pools in Phuket villas and the beach as much as they did in Italy. But it would be better this time since the villas have air-conditioning.


Yaay! Looking at these beach houses in Central Thailand makes me want to experience firsthand the stories of friends who've been there...I've seen their photos as well and there surely are lots of smiles in Thailand!

Three things I'd do when I get there: to take photos of the wonderful sights, relax under the blue skies and eat to my heart's content!


Food Friday - A slab of grilled Tuna

Tuna is not as popular as salmon is in our household. Admittedly, I do not have a good recipe in mind and even google has not presented one that I found appealing.

Whenever I get ahold of tuna steaks, I marinate them in lemon-toyo (lemon juice and soya sauce mix), grilled and then served with some veggies...Unfortunately, the marinade doesn't sink in enough to taste. I would make another mix of lemon-toyo, drizzled on the steak or as a dip.

Do you have a good tuna recipe? Please let me know. :-)

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Yummy Sunday - Grilled selection

On my plate: salmon filets, zucchini, shrimps, grilled and served with teriyaki sauce. There's a new buffet restaurant that opened near our place, Buffet King. It boasts of a lot of fresh seafood selections which will be cooked for you and the price? Only 5,80euros per head, kids 4euros, and my little boy, free!

I'd be posting a full review soon. Happy Sunday!


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