Cookie and Cake Gifts

Want some mouthwatering treats like those?

I do too! :D I have many times mentioned how baking for me is not as easy as one, two, three. For the past years I have always relied on ready made cake, cookie mixes that I'd particularly ask for a friend to buy for me.

Easy is the word to describe this baking process, especially if you opt for Davidscookies' mail order cookies of ready to bake doughs...of course, they also deliver freshly baked cookies, cakes and tarts. (Same day or 1-2 days delivery service.)

Take 2 sets of this wonderful looking tart sampler and you get shipping for free! Or order any among the fruit tarts with your favorite sweet berry, mango, apple and more. Sending them as a gift is also a wonderful idea, you save time and yet be able to give a perfect present.

Davidscookies also offers birthday cake delivery, sells gift baskets and cookie jars, most of all they have specially made cakes an brownies for those who are under a diet like me! Order one now or send me one! :D


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