Negative calorie foods

An apple a day surely keeps the doctor away. That's the cliche we commonly know. But apples also keep the dentist and the calories away! How? Apple is one of the fruits listed under the still-doubted-findings of negative calorie foods.

All foods contain calories together with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So no, there is no such thing as negative calories, it only means that one who eats these certain foods need more energy than what the food has in order to metabolize/break it down.

Say an apple contains 100 calories but your body needs about 150 calories to burn it, 50 calories are borrowed from your stored calorie content...thus the more you eat apples, the more calories you burn.

Aside from apples, diverse vegetables are listed as well. Here are some of them, be sure to grab any once in a while:

asparagus, cranberries, beet, grapefruit, broccoli, lemon mango, carrot, orange, cauliflower, pineapple, celery, raspberries, green cabbage, strawberries, hot chili peppers, lamb's lettuce, cucumber, lettuce, endive, onion, garden cress, papaya, garlic, spinach, green beans, turnip, zucchini.

Here's to healthy eating! =)


Garlic Shrimp Pasta

While posting the kids' photo, I noticed the google ad on my says Garlic Shrimp Pasta! How good can google come up with that from my tags??? lol. Anyway, I actually had this recipe saved up,here again a simple pasta dish...(again) with shrimps!




Olive oil
Garlic head
Shrimp (shelled and devein)
Dried Basil
Salt and Pepper

How to:

1. Cook pasta per package direction. Heat olive oil. Saute garlic and not overcook the garlic.

2. Add basil leaves and season with salt and pepper. Drop in the spaghetti so it gets covered with basil.

Try not to let the basil get all over your face. Click this pic. =D



Als die Kinder auf mich gewartet habe, die nette Dame im Fischgeschäft hatte jede einen Fischfahnen gegeben! Danke!

Ich kaufte frische Lachs (angebot!) für 10 Euro pro Kilo!


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