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I really enjoy the show; The World's Greenest Home. I enjoy the designs and the fact that they were made earth-friendly. If you notice too, most of them are designed by owners themselves, mostly architects. I also enjoyed viewing furniture pieces from tv stands, side tables, cabinets, kitchen tops and sets to bathroom accessories, flooring and carpet.

Anyway, here is one of the more amazing videos you'd probably seen already. I mean, we have that sofa bed but theirs is much cooler!



It's officially autumn. Pumpkins are all over the place, that was why I was prompted to cook ginataang kalabasa with shrimps.

Some of the  leaves of trees turned yellow now and the ground are covered with them when the wind blows. I can already feel the cool breeze. So most of the sweaters, boots and thick pants have been pulled out from their slumber...this is the time that my son (the one with bronchitis) should be kept warm to avoid heavy-breathing attacks.

It's also the best time to cook up soup but first learn new ones...



I’ve been having stomach pains since lunch…I haven’t eaten rice the whole week and it has been my first time today. I think my stomach wasn’t used to digesting rice anymore. :D I’ve been having lots of oatmeal and I think my tummy got used to the fiber, now, rice is too hard to digest. During the week, I had more hours on the wii doing aerobics, boxing and hula hoops…that’s my attempt on burning those stubborn fat. I could of course get those fat burning pills, that would be easier but I don’t really believe in them, well if you do, you can always check about stuff like thermogenic fat burners .


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