If a food blogger is really up to his or her dream of making it big, it doesn't end up with just one's love for food. At some point, they go to that stage of cooking their favorite food at home, discovering how each dish is concocted and what the secret ingredient to a hearty meal is. With this comes also the want to make food aesthetically pleasing, a good mix of color, a lovely sprinkle of garnish and a lovely arrangement. Thus, it follows that food photography is an inevitable course. There might be ideas of attending a culinary school or a photography class. Along the way, the foodie invests in professional cookware too. Finally, after spending too much time in the kitchen and restaurant hopping, the foodie wants to open up a foodshop with herself/himself as the Chef.

Setting up a restaurant involves a handful of tasks that are time-consuming, mentally draining and physically tiring. Aside from location, licenses, budget, staff hiring/training, one must also plan and think of the smaller yet crucial matters such as consumer target, water and electricity connection, interior design restaurant equipment and foodservice supplies.


Focusing on restaurant equipments, is your one-stop online shop. From smallwares and tabletop items, like flatware, tableware, glassware, to smallwares and kitchen utensils, from table service to displayware, from pizza to bakery gadgets, from storage supplies to beverage equipments. Order menu boards and signages, and even furniture. Pricing and shipping is also provided in the website.

With diverse and comprehensive product lines in the foodservice industry, Wasserstrom is a big help to cut down not only on the time you alloted for preparation,their tested products are sure to last making you save on money as well...They even customize and design what your equipment specification are, wasserstrom restaurant supplies are the best that you can depend on.


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