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Growing up in the rural areas and during occasional stays in Manila, our mornings were defined and completed with a glass of taho (soy bean curd). The early callings of "Tahooooo!!!" during summer days meant it's time to get up. I clearly remember how my sister and I would beg Manong Magtataho to add some more of the syrup he'd put in meagerly. At Php1.00 a glass, we would sit down happily and finish our taho before going back to play.

On our last trip home, we brought the kids to the La Mesa Ecopark in Fairview. We promised them we'll go horseback-riding but the plan was always postponed. Living near Tagaytay, we can actually go there easily but circumstances led us driving back to Quezon City so we sought the nearest park to bring the kids, to fulfill our promise. While on our way to the stables (farmville?) a taho vendor came near us and the excited hubby immediately asked for some coins...but to our surprise, a cup costs Ph20.00! :D (Sabi ni Manong, kasi daw sa loob ang benta at mahal ang cup haha.)

Nevertheless, that didn't stop the hubby from buying. It has been years since we have had taho and it would surely be nice for the kids to learn about this high-protein energy wonder! We didn't get the chance to introduce them to taho on our previous visits.


So off we went to the stables. There were only two horses available to rent. :D I think they were the local horses since they're small compared to what I was used to seeing or perhaps they're just ponies waiting to grow up hehe. The kids had fun anyway, we also went around the park but I'd tell those stories sooner or later.

P.S. The past days have been a battle between foodbloggers and a certain "Kusinero" who has been copying content (photo and write-up) and putting them on his Facebook page and blogger account. After reports and warnings, the blogger blog was shut down, the pages removed but there are still some that has remained. We are encouraging everyone to be vigilant of plagiarist and copycats out there. We do not want our own works being copied right? haays....have a nice weekend everyone!

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Tummy be good...

So how would you like to eat your muffin and cupcakes without getting a muffin top??? A "Muffin-top" is a generally pejorative slang term used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging flesh (fat) when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing. Simply put: belly fat.

One surefire way I did getting rid of stomach fat which obviously made a friend curious is belly dancing and hula hoops. Even a few minutes spent doing them work wonders.

There are also videos of provided by the fit and yummy mummy trainer. The exercise looks so easy as the trainer does it but it was much harder when done....you'd really feel the effort you made. If you're interested simply search for holidayjoi's videos on youtube.

(photo isn't mine but I forgot whose, dear owner, I used your foto)  :D


Extra nutrition please!

Friends here and there have been getting bumps!  Baby bumps, I mean.  One is due in October and the other in April, the other; I think in 2 months.

All three of them have different preferences with food, different sensitivities and one or two might have deficiencies...Friend number one is diabetic so she has to be a little careful with what she eats as the sugar rises and lowers real fast. Second mom-to-be has always had problems with her reproductive system and it hasn't changed until now...She's expecting twins so she needs more nutrition now than ever. Third friend is also of the sensitive type and she still has a toddler to take care of...she and husband have been waiting for a baby the past 6 years and 2 came consecutively! Blessed!

Anyway, aside from maternity dresses/outfits that I could give I also have a few tips for them and for preggies out there, based on my experiences....three times into motherhood? Well, yes I'm qualified.

1. Carry a bottle of water everywhere even on the bed's sidetable at night.

2. Stack some pillow and put your feet up to avoid cramps, of course, you can always wake up the hubby and tell him to help you!

3. Walk lots for an exercise...

4. Avoid bananas...they make you constipated. Eat lots of other fruit that you aren't allergic to.

5. Ask your doctor for the best pre-natal vitamins and take them regularly...I suggest Iron (preggies tend to be anemic), Magnesium (to avoid cramps), vitamin C & E (for your hair, nail and skin)...of course there are those for the baby too, E.g. Folic etc.

6. Think happy thoughts...what you feel is surely felt by the little one too!

7. Lastly, listen to classical music or at least let the baby hear it...read to it and it will appreciate your effort years after. You'd be surprised what it can do to them too. :)


Peach on Yogurt

"An apple is an excellent thing -- until you have tried a peach."
-George du Maurier

Well, apples are apples and peaches are peaches. We might have  different preferences but yes, both are fruits we love. Peach used to be the favorite canned fruit back home (thanks to del Monte). Not knowing where to buy them fresh we settled for the preserved ones. It was my dad who taught me to do a milkshake simply by putting ice and milk. Prior, I always had it as is, as a "naked" fruit.

Now that I get peaches fresh from the market, I see to it that the kids have them as much as they have apples, grapes, nectarines and other fruits in season.

The stores offer yogurt already flavored. A wide selection with strawberry, cherry, blueberry and peach too but I would just buy a plain vanilla and put sliced peaches on top for a more peachy-feel. I recently bought an ice cream maker and peach would be my first experiment. :P






Junkfood...a trip to the Asia shop means loads of pinoy junk food! Chippy, Piattos, Mr. Chips, Oishi prawn crackers, Nova, Chiz curls, name it and my cart is sure to have them. Typical pinoys, hubby and I miss these treats a lot and the kids somehow acquired our preference...pinoy junk food is much subtle to the ones here...hehe.

And typical pinoys, our creativity with food and design is something else. We do not only love our food, we wear them. There are such vintage t shirts sporting this...see, a list of the most loved pinoy food!

(photo c/o Adrian)

Which of these have you not tried yet?


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