The Peach Spaghetti


When I served this spaghetti, the kids had the same reaction...Warum ist das farbe so? (Why is the color like that?) In actuality, the sauce has a strong hint of peach, hence the title.

I originally wanted to cook baked macaroni and cheese, however, I saw too late that we run out of macaroni, there was no time to buy at the store. (I am at home with 3 kids and its winter. To go out of the house to buy macaroni pasta means us dressing up layers of clothes first.) =(

So I came up with an idea, use spaghetti instead of macaroni. =D And that's how the peach pasta was born.



ground beef
tomato sauce
salt and pepper

half stick butter
1 cup milk
1 cup grated cheese


Saute garlic and onion, throw in ground beef when onions are transparent. Cook beef until brown. You may also add hotdogs.

Add tomato sauce and ketchup plus salt and pepper to taste. Stir. Put the stove on very low heat.

In another pan melt butter, drop grated cheese slowly, stirring continously. When the cheese melts add milk, still stirring. Make sure that all of the cheese melts.

Combine the cheese melt with the tomato sauce mix. Stir well. Serve over hot pasta.

You can also serve this with the cheesemelt over the sauce instead of combining it but the mixed version tastes better.


This is the same recipe for baked macaroni and cheese, you only need to combine the tomato sauce mix with macaroni in a baking dish. Spread the cheesemelt over before baking in preheated oven at 180degs (C)/356 degs (F) for 15 minutes.


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