Drivecare, warranty for used cars!

"We need a car mom!" I often hear this from my kids but I don't see why we need one. Vienna has the most efficient transportation from buses, to trams to trains for local and regional use and even European rails. I have always been comfortable going about the city with the Wiener Linien. I always get to where I should by simply looking at the map provided at the stops, the help offices are very willing to help too.

Whenever we passed by the used cars dealers near our place, the kids would, as if on cue, point one and tell me "Look ma, it's just 4000euros, it's not much!" True, there are cheap Volkswagen used car that one can have for as low as 4000euros or a Ford for 9,800 eurso, but the maintenance and the insurance you'd pay, the changing of tires and all the headaches included makes me forget the idea of owning a car without batting an eyelash. Then Drivetime has launched the DriveCare program warranty for used cars. Including a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on used cars, a first in the industry indeed!

The warranty package is available on all vehicles purchased on or after December 1, 2009. A warranty for 36-months/36,000-miles on major mechanical and other electrical components. In addition to this they are also giving complimentary oil changes, roadside assistance and more.

With such, I think not only me would be having second thoughts but those who are wanting to buy a used car as well. I have, however, already forgotten how to drive, so I think it's up to the hubby to decide on this. ;)

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