Growing---bigger not taller!

One time I picked up the little boy from the daycare center, his playmate came to me and said hello. He's a cute little boy with blue round eyes...just when my son started in the day care, he was just a baby. Time really flies fast, I said and the caregiver, the boy's mom are in agreement with that. The mom said how fast was is that her son is so tall now, upon hearing this my little boy said, we all grow, even us parents. The caregiver jokingly said yes, we grew bigger and wider not taller! True, we're not getting any younger nor thinner, this is really depressing it makes me want to believe that there are really diet pills out there that can help me shed off some pounds. Sadly, they turn out to be fads most of the time. I heard maybe you've heard about lipozene, fenterdren or the ever famous bangkok pills but I haven't heard of one that is a surefire way to help ypu reduce weight...*sigh*

Beauty true so true!

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