Water Heater Installation

Look beyond these two and you'll see our heater...what keeps us warm during the cold months of December until February. These heaters are built in along with the water heater installation when we transferred to this apartment 6 years ago. Unlike the one installed in our other apartment where the water heater can be seen as one enters the door, our now is hidden and I only have known about it when the company in charge of checking them yearly came. 

This is why we've never had problems with repairs and all unlike my brother who is in Canada, they have more colder months than us and the water heaters tend to be used more often too. We were chatting yesterday when he mentioned that he's expecting a new installation. I helped him look for a company near their area and found Friesen's which does not only do installations, they also repair and do regular maintenance just like ours. The company boasts of being the service since 1999 and have often been named "Service Provider of the Year". I told my brother to contact them in case any untoward incident happens again.

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