Summer Getaway stay at Puerto Vallarta villas

"I could get used to a view like this." Right, I borrowed that from Flynn, Tangled's lead male character and my newest cartoon obsession. Though in the movie he was standing atop a castle and looking down the vast property - kingdom. I'm contented with this, a view of the beach, cool wind, fresh fruits, and a good book that I can finish in hours.

Where can this be? You might ask. It's at the coasts of Mexico. More particularly one of Puerto Vallarta villas  - accommodations for families and individuals who would want to getaway this summer.Aside from spectacular terrace views, each rentals boast of  bathrooms, full-sized kitchen, heated pool, internet, Plasma TV and other appliances you usually have at home. What's best is Puerto Vallarta villas are located just a few steps to a number of restaurants, shopping and night life.My kind of Summer Getaway, how 'bout you?

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