Congratulations Khae!

My 27-year-old neighbor told me yesterday that she'd be having a baby girl! For the past 6 months when I bump on her on the street, she would ask me tips about pregnancy, kids and motherhood in general. Since I do not have a younger sister, I felt as though I am an older sister giving advice. :D

Having gone through pregnancy three times is a good enough reason to be confident in giving out advice! Lol. The very first thing I told her was to lessen her intakes of bananas, yesterday, I told her to remove it completely from her meals. Well, based on personal experience, bananas made me constipated. It is a case of individual differences though. Since banana contains lots of fiber it should be other way around, but I'm not sure, I still warned her.

Second is totummy have a bottle of water by the bed. This will come in handy in the wee hours when she gets thirsty. Of course, frequent trips to the toilet is unavoidable, it is good to replace the liquid. I also warned her about cramps. It's a good thing that my hubby wakes up easily so he knows what to do when I shook him. Unfortunately, neighbor's husband is not yet with her, so it is quite a difficult phase. I told her to ask her doctor for some magnesium and other supplements, if not there are over the counter prenatal vitamins that she can get from the Apotheke. These will help not only her but the baby as well...magnesium lessens the cramping.

There are other bits and pieces I shared to her which I'm sure she heard from other friends as well. In the end, I told her; when your baby comes, you will know what to do, it's the thing they call instinct and you'll feel very happy about it. ;-)

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