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Oggi send me a tag last week, sorry Oggi for not doing it soon. Like you I have finished the 6 quirky things about me and I feel like I just wanted to copy them lol...But I won't. =D

1. I like cooking than any other chores at home. Back at home with my elders, I am tasked to do cooking while my sister does the cleaning...she was very meticulous about it unlike me who wouldn't even touch a rag! My sister on the other hand does not cook. Eggs maybe. lol. - I changed though, I now enjoy all 'homeworks' but I guess ironing clothes is still an exception.

2. I have a green thumb. Or so I believed...I don't know who between hubby and I kills the plants at home. But I remember back in Pinas that I grow them really nicely.

3. Again (I had this in the previous tag), I enjoy messing up my baby's hair...my baby is a boy.

4. I used to weigh 45 kgs...I won't divulge how much I weigh now lol.

5. Food oddities: Papaya with milk and sky flakes, dried fish with coffee and rice (the fish should be swimming in coffee), I can eat raw salmon for whole day's meal and lastly, I don't like vinegar.

6. I carry my camera always, even on public toilets. =D

Fin! Now I randomly tag: Stef and Kyels.

oggi  – (February 25, 2008 at 7:14 PM)  

Your boy is so cute and what a great smile too! I thought he's a she because of his hair.:)

You don't like vinegar? Uncooked, I suppose, how about with adobo? I can't live without sawsawan vinegar!:)

Thanks for doing the meme.:)

g_mirage  – (February 26, 2008 at 12:41 AM)  

Oggi, I detest the smell of vinegar, I rarely cook dishes with vinegar, adobo is an exception, I think mg-isa lang yun, so imagine salads...I only eat salads with other dressings, with vinegar should also have pumpkin seed oil hehe.

Thanks also for this meme...

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