Late popcorn/cracker nights

Hubby and I love late night shows. In English, that is. Back home we would watch marathons of our favorite that time that would mean Friends, Buffy, Charmed, Spin City and so on...

That habit hasn't changed until now. We would still watch late at night but this time with the inclusion of Japanese and Korean telenovelas, animes, Japanese movies and other trilogies and movies we watched as kids. We have included other favorites as well...Ugly Betty, Smallville, How I met your mother and a lot more but we still watch Friends and Spin City. We love Spin City with Michael J. Fox was the lead role but Charlie Sheen's era has laughable moments too.

Episode above "The Gambler" was when Paul, Stuart and Carter rope reformed gambler Charlie into their poker night, and are responsible for his subsequent gambling bender. Earlier in the story, Charlie received football gift from the Mayor. It was signed by a famous player (name slipped my mind) and is worth about 15,000$ but at the end of the story was revealed to be actually 20,000$. Charlie almost sell the ball in order to finance his gambling...

In this same episode, Caitlin tries to teach the mayor to be more self-sufficient until they find him a maid. She however became attached to the idea of teaching the mayor the ropes of maintaining his home...or self.

Just like many episodes, I like the twist wherein Charlie walks away from gambling and chose to simply turn around. The show has actually lots of such scenes which hubby and I enjoy watching...

Oh, late nights like this are perfect with popcorn or shrimp crackers...the kids would stay with us only to munch.

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