Not your traditional Wedding Proposal...

If there is ever one thing that my mom loves and I don't it's jewelries. She collects them, she buys me and my sister pairs and we love those but I can't seem to have the same passion that my mom has for them.  I might have bits and pieces but mostly costume jewelry and fancy ones. I don't spend hundreds or thousands for them...

I would have love it though if I'd receive one from hubby...I used to dream about an engagement proposal where you get the ring while eating or something of the sorts. :D Watch this video and see how a guy went a little over the traditional gesture of wedding proposals much to the surprise of his  girlfriend.

During one episode, Robin freaks out in a restaurant when she mistakenly thinks Ted is proposing to her after she receives a champagne glass with an engagement ring at the bottom. When Ted tells her "That's not mine", another gentleman at the table behind them says "It's mine", then proceeds to propose to the woman at his table. The proposal between the man and woman was real. The man set up the whole scheme with the show's producers, and told his girlfriend that they won a contest and got to be extras in a HIMYM episode. Instead, he proposed on camera, and the proposal will live on forever as part of the episode.

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