A Simple Pasta Dish

An experimental dish with few ingredients, less preparation and cooking time.


Spaghetti or any pasta you like

Ground beef
Garlic cloves
Basil leaves

How to:

Cook pasta per package directions.
Mince garlic cloves (the more, the better). Cube the tomatoes.
Chop the basil leaves finely (but dried basil leaves will also do the trick, again the more, the better.)

Braise the beef in a pan for a few minutes. When it oils, set it aside and throw in the minced garlic. Mix.

Add remaining ingredients, cover and let cook for a few minutes. Serve over hot pasta plus garlic bread.



Side dish: Words for the day
Tomato/es (n): Tomate/n
Basil (n) : Basilikum
Garlic (n): Knoblauch
Ground beef: Hackfleisch (Germany), Faschiertes fleisch(Austria)

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