Burger King 1st District

At a glimpse of this photo, you might think that this is a Burger King branch somewhere in Manila...everyone has that familiar, welcomely smile! Yes, they are Pinoys too!

This Burger King Branch is located at Annagasse 3, 1st district, the heart of Vienna. Though this certain area of Vienna is full of tourists, the street where BK is located is not crowded. Since the crew are mostly Pinoys, it is always pleasant to visit once in a while, I feel as though I am one step closer to home.

Sadat Pela, one of the manager, who has been working with them for almost 3 years sums up how the Pinoys work into one word: Supppeerrr!!!

Well, that's no surprise, considering the hospitable and cheery nature of us pinoys, add to that the dedication and willingness to work, right?

Though I do not bring the kids often since they like japfoods and homecooking...they always finish a whole meal. They like the burgers here better than the others. Charlie likes the onion rings too and Alex always has a banana split-shake.

As for me, I prefer their Long Chicken with cheese. This is really a big serving, enough for me (even without the fries and drinks).

The chicken is soft to bite and the cheese adds a certain kick to it too...considering that it is not the usual round burger, its not messy to eat.

Here is what's left of it in a while.

Oh! Check out the interiors too. One will easily recognize that this was an old building once integrated with modern architecture. I was surprised to see the intricate details on the ceiling and pillars...

So don't forget to drop by once you happen to find yourself in Vienna.

Gita Asuncion  – (December 19, 2007 at 6:32 AM)  

oo nga, a visit to this Burger King is like coming home no! the smile, the warmth, and the welcoming feel is so pinoy!
no wonder your kids enjoy it there.

g_mirage  – (December 19, 2007 at 6:42 AM)  

I forgot to write pala, they like ordering by themselves...especially when they hear na tagalog ang salita. They get amazed kasi when hearing other people whom we don't actually know speak tagalog. Alex would comment: "Mommy, nagtatagalog din sha!" lol.

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