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I finished school some months now (German), and I've been working for our firm  hubby's a self-employed Graphic Artist and I am his assistant...doing paperwork and accounting stuff, talking to clients and all that.

I recalled that during our deliberation in class, I said that I want to pursue my real love, photography, should it not be possible I'd want to be an English-language trainer. I've seen how the interest for English learning boosted among students and adults in Vienna through the years. If I register myself as a professional photographer, I would need to do the Meisterprüfung. An exam to determine one's knowledge of photography. Since it has been a long time that I took photography classes, I might not remember the basics of film developing and printing as well. This is why I need to take another course, either teacher training or photography... I however, do not want the hassle of everyday going to class, I just did that for 6 months and most of the classes are in the evening! I was advised to take a course at an accredited online university, either in teaching or photography.

I haven't decided until now...I sometimes still find myself in an IT job search website, browsing for jobs related to home work...translation and writing that is.

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