Do you like the comedy series Scrubs? I do, hubby and I always have a good laugh watching it and we'd giggle more when Elliot speaks in German. Anyway, I actually want to write about the nursing scrubs the staff there are wearing.

Before scrubs are only worn by nurses and surgeons and other operating room personnel when performing surgery. Nowadays it is worn also by every hospital personnel. There are so many manufacturers of scrubs but do you know where to buy scrubs that looks so sleek and chic? It's the Scrubs and Beyond website which offers mens scrubs, nursing shoes and clogs, themed clogs and beautifully designed women's scrubs.

Take this mock-wrap scrub top for example. You can still be stylish while at work with this top available in different colors. There are also matching pants for each, browse the website and see what more they have to offer!

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