I am not a salad fan (leafy salads that is) thing that my mom-in-law laughs about.

Even as a young kid when mom and bro makes a simple tomato-cucumber salad...I won't eat. It's because of the vinegar actually...I have a strong rejection of vinegar's taste and smell, that's why I rarely cook dishes that includes vinegar.

But once, being invited at a friend's house, I was tempted to taste the salad that she served since it was just plain lettuce. The dressing was a little vinegar, salt and Kürbis kernöl/Pumpkin seed oil. I liked it. So now, this is the only leafy salad I serve at home. There'd be occasional servings of potato salad and most of the time fruit salad, chicken macaroni salad...but lettuce with kürbis kernöl is the only leafy salad for me.

nina  – (January 14, 2008 at 12:07 PM)  

I like salad, pero I have a particular preference sa lettuce. I can tolerate iceberg lettuce, pero it's at the bottom of my list. My current favorite are baby spinach leaves.

Have you tried the kani-salad? Just mix crabstick, cucumber and iceberg lettuce (optiona), mayonnaise and season with salt and finely ground black/white pepper. Serve chilled. Though di ata siya bagay for winter.. baka mas lalo kayong lamigin!

g_mirage  – (January 14, 2008 at 12:16 PM)  

Naku nins, thanks for the tip...try ko yan sa summer, crabsticks are one of the mainstays in our ref! Ok ako sa mayonnaise dressing pero pili din ang dahon..cge I'll try the baby spinach...sobrang gulay pangluto ang tingin ko sa kanya hihi...last time a friend wa supposed to serve it sabi ko wag n lang lol.Ty!

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